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1.We ask the right questions...

Is your marketing vision in place?
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We customize a universal marketing plan and implement it.


Do your customers know what you stand for?

We help you define yourself with a company identity, both visually and verbally.

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Does your website bring you solid leads?

We can help improve traffic, capture more potential customers and help convert them.



Is your expertise bringing you more clients?

We create and implement inbound marketing tactics to get you more customers.


How effective are your ad campaigns?

We assess your brand identity to create print and digital campaigns – social media, web and video.







Let's discover your story's magic together.

2. We Find Your Growth Potion

Strategies to get you started 

Call or email us. Let's discuss ways to get you unstuck and a path to getting you known for what you want to be known for. 

Our Website + Branding Packages =  Happy Customers 

We create and refresh stellar websites. But let's be real. We can't build it and customers won't come unless your message and visual identity is pointed and polished.


We build that by creating, or solidifying, your "why," your story, your brand and make it coherent and cohesive within and across all marketing channels. 

Our Marketing Subscriptions = growing a  loyal tribe 

While most entrepreneurs would rather not think about marketing – and we get it – we also know how inextricably linked it is to your success.


That's why we're your freelance, nimble, flexibly-priced, outsourced ad agency. We roll with you, your punches and whatever else you have going on. And, we rollout only what you need for your company, and only when – and if – you need it.


So, we offer monthly subscription fees to ease the pocketbook while delivering all the right strategies.   


Clients We've Enchanted

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"So Good Farms is a nonprofit launching a financially sustainable, organic farm and housing for young adults on the autism spectrum. Our business model includes the offer of dozens of inextricably linked goods and services which appeal to a multitude of customer segments.


We're also incorporating a branded house architecture with some endorsed elements. So, we are ecstatic that despite the complexities, Charmed Minds easily grasps the entirety of the marketing implications and the scope with all its intricacies and dependencies. They have to date successfully clarified and developed our branding, wholly redesigned our website, and are on par for completing many more marketing materials and services in our initial phase and beyond. What a fabulous partnership!"

— DeVon Hankins, C.E.O., So Good Farms

“We love the new company branding and redesign of Advent Jets' website. And, we greatly appreciate the creativity and strategy Charmed Minds incorporated within both endeavors. We definitely recommend them for your next project.”

— Scott Buss, C.E.O. Advent Jets

"Charmed Minds was a huge help to my firm.  They carefully listened to my needs and did a phenomenal job rebuilding and rebranding my firm’s website.  Potential clients now have a much better understanding of the services we provide.  I heartily recommend Charmed Minds.”

-- Justin Boland, Attorney, Law Office of Justin R. Boland

“I was very pleased with Charmed Minds’ design of my new company logo and redesign of my website.  
I recommend them highly.”

— Maryam Malayeri, C.E.O. Kimary Consulting

“Charmed Minds helped asterRIDE boost our web bookings and search presence. Previously, our version of our website had less than optimal online bookings and a higher user bounce rate. They helped us create a clear sales funnel, stronger messaging and more well designed website. asterRIDE 2.0 has been rewarding as now our online bookings have greatly increased and our user engagement statistics on Google Analytics. CharmedMinds clearly understands how to create awareness and user engagement.”

— Seth Rudin, CEO, Co-Founder, asterRIDE 

"I have had the great pleasure of working with the amazing team at Charmed Minds on more than one occasion. Lorae and Larayne are extremely professional, their creativity and attention to detail is extraordinary and their design and messaging capabilities are second to none. I would recommend them without hesitation."

— Michael Ervick, Executive Director, North Shore Business Alliance (NSBA)

“Charmed Minds created a design and copy refresh for my website and designed a new logo for me. I really like the creativity they brought to our website at that time. Lorae and Larayne helped increase my digital presence and launched more conversion possibilities. I really enjoyed working with them.”

— Paul O'Beirne, C.E.O. and Founder, Orca HR Solutions

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