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Trust is earned. Here’s how we build it with you.





What values and ideals does Charmed Minds agency care about?  

How might they align with mine?


We’re glad you started with this question! We are passionate about helping small businesses like yours achieve their marketing goals. Not only are we a small business, we are founding members of a local nonprofit, North Shore Business Alliance, that helps small businesses with all sorts of challenges.


We and our Charmed Minds customers – like say for instance, you – are two peas in a pod. Just like you, we believe in great service, customer satisfaction, attention to detail, hard work, great results, getting the job done, and hitting company goals and KPIs. Then comes the champagne popping.

What if I don’t have well defined marketing goals?


You’re in good company. You work hard for your business and family, which leaves less time to focus on multi-pronged plans to get, or keep, the business you have using multiple marketing efforts. We can help you find those goals and match them with tested tactics.


Usually, no matter how overwhelming the all-encompassing term, “marketing” is, there is an easy formula for matching and connecting your company’s goals with the strategy to help you attain them. Some common ones are name recognition, reputation, brand awareness, Google search ranking, customer engagement, customer retention and of course, the list goes on.


What kind of relationship can I build with Charmed Minds agency?


We usually don’t kiss and tell, but we’re used to building lasting relationships. We’re in the business of strategizing for the long game. We strategize, research, create, monitor and analyze.

We then strategize again if the analytics don’t perform as expected, the market conditions change or customer segmentation shifts. That takes a partnership. That takes trust. We build it together.   


How does your agency deliver a creative solution?


With great verve! We use everything at our disposal to give your company the best exposure to your potential customers. We use a 360º approach that can include a macro view of your particular company. We can create a customized marketing plan; a personalized strategy including targeting, competitor research, channels and more; branding refreshes; web redesign; and resulting analytics.   


How do you tackle and manage issues?


We believe in transparency and customer input. Research is our inspiration. It informs strategy and branding. It is the road to discovery. Testing design and messaging before implementing is always a great way to roll. And after implementation, sometimes refocusing the intent and goals of each tactic works best if up against a challenge. So, our promise is, if either party hits a proverbial bump in the road, we stop the car and partner up to get it moving again.



How much are your services? 


Well, maybe we could start with the old saying, how long is a piece of string? Exactly. That said, as we mentioned, we are passionate about working with small businesses. We work at the intersection of what it takes for us to do an outstanding job for you and what you have budgeted for each or all of your marketing needs.


One of the best ways to initially use your budget is to begin with a strategy and marketing plan. That allows you to implement tactics yourself as you can, such as practicing better SEO techniques, creating and/or managing social media or maintaining fresh content on your website. Or, you can use the plan as a blueprint for having us help you roll out a coordinated plan.



What kind of results do you deliver – will you be effective for us?


Aw, a great question – saving the best for last. We deliver amazing results because you set the tone. We do this by aligning your goals with our imagination, your information with our research, and your customers with the right messaging. Ergo, we will be effective for you. Give us a try!



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