You’re passionate about what you have to offer. 

Are your customers?

There's no magic formula to enchant your customers but there is a recipe.

We empower small businesses – to get more business.

We mix the right ingredients to help small businesses grow.

We can help you find your secret sauce.

Do customers know what you stand for  
Does your website bring you solid leads
Is your expertise bringing you more clients
How effective are your ad campaigns
Do you harness the power of social media

Here's your formula:

More Customers = More Time for Your Passion + More Income for 

Once we know your goals, we put together a plan and put it into action – Your Story, Our Magic.

Let's Talk

Let's Discuss Your Goals

Let's Design Your Strategy and Implement It. 

You got this!



— Micael Ervick, Executive Director, North Shore Business Alliance (NSBA)

I have had the great pleasure of working with the amazing team at Charmed Minds on more than one occasion. Lorae and Larayne are extremely professional, their creativity and attention to detail is extraordinary; and their design capabilities are second to none. I would recommend them without hesitation.


Blurb (both logo and blurb click to our case studies). 

Blurb (both logo and blurb click to our case studies). 

Blurb (both logo and blurb click to our case studies). 

Learn the number one way we help our customers solve marketing challenges.


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