Revving Up a Global Limo Service.


A savvy businessman with a global network wants to up the ante in an effort to increase business.

Can he really boost sales by adjusting just a few branding and messaging choices?

Branding Refresh.

Website Redesign.

Email Campaign.

Print Collateral.

Digital Ads.




asterRIDE had an outmoded brand and minimally functional website. Consequently it wasn’t getting the visitor traffic that owner, Seth, expected, nor the customer bookings he needed to hit his company goals. Click throughs to obtain the company’s proprietary app – downloadable from the Google or Apple store – weren’t as high as anticipated either.


The challenge? Increase customer engagement and conversion. We were driven to oblige.




We refreshed the brand and teamed up with our client to redefine website and goals.



We researched the customer base, created their journey, wrote a new tagline and slogan and designed a style guide for use in all branding. We introduced a stronger voice and a more elegant design approach to all deliverables, fitting for a luxury car and limousine service.


Branding Refresh

Design/Logo: -------- 

The messaging and voice were rewritten to add a professional and upscale feel so as to distinguish it from those it doesn’t compete with such as ride-share companies.





SEO  This was important for Google search in each local market and to land the listing on the first page of results. We added better SEO tactics for new search algorithms.


Customer Trust  For a newer company, having an elegant, functional and engaging website would help develop trust between potential customers and the company. Other examples include allowing customers to get more instant, free website quotes without giving a credit card, offering more incentives to travel agents looking to book or sell through with the company, and more incentives to interested chauffeurs and affiliate fleet partners.


Sales and App  Because trying the new booking app was a large part of the experience, the site had to motivate people to download the app. We placed a call-to-action on the footer to do so. We also used CTAs on the header and footer for booking a ride immediately through the website, as well as a simpler, less intimidating 3-step limo/car service ordering form to get customers to commit to a booking sooner than on a longer form.


Sales Funnel Bonus  Upon launch of the new site, the client agreed to offer a first ride discount button listed above-the-fold, for those wanting an incentive to become a customer. Sales increased in part by this technique alone.


Digital Ads  We created elegant, effective ads with direct messaging while we conducted A/B testing to find out which benefit was most important to our client’s customers.


Email Campaigns  The nurture campaigns include triggered email for booked rides notifications, post-purchase reminders to contact client for return trip or hourly adventures in destination city, a feedback survey, and a re-engagement campaign.   


Print Collateral  Flyers and business cards.




There was an immediate increase in website traffic, app downloads and actual sales. First ride discount, a loss leader, resulted in a weekly increase in first-ride business.


The numbers?


40% increase in conversions


30% reduction to bounce rate



In the Clients own words: -------------

“         .”

Ensuring a Local Insurance Agency.

A multi-talented, independent agent decides to boldly drop legacy branding and forge her own way, but will a rebranding be accepted in the local community?



Website Creation

Social Media Presence



Our client, local insurance agent, Colleen, wanted to rebrand her agency after purchasing it from its previous owner. She wanted a website and collateral poised to stand out from the noise of her area's business and personal insurance agent competitors. The legacy brand: poor brand identity, minimally functioning website and disengaged social media sites all hampered the opportunity for new messaging, and thus new customers. The site also couldn't handle potential customer automatic insurance quotes, for instance, and therefore was losing potential business. 


The gauntlet thrown down? To "erase" the previous All Seasons' brand identity and internet presence with a more powerful and effective brand image. This all insured we were up for the challenge. 




Strategy and Branding

We devised a strategy that looked at her average customer, the local competition and channels with which to get the word out. Since just about everyone needs insurance, we opted for her strengths to be social media and the website with expert content that could create some inbound marketing.

Design/Logo --------------




Since a potential customer's first impression of a website is its homepage, we decided to make a splash above the fold to create trust in the company's ability to deliver, by hitting a sweet spot between national and local website design.

The next area, below the fold, immediately engages the customer with reasons to stay on the site and call, get an automatic quote or purchase. We also promoted her team and add a local flair.


Social Media

All Seasons has an improved presence on the many social media platforms including some that promote local area businesses. They all currently reflect the ad campaign, thus connected All Seasons' messaging across all channels.  



Local customers have taken note and begun spreading the word. The All Seasons website now rises high in search, is an engaging customer experience, allows immediate quotes and thus a movement forward in the conversion funnel, and provides much needed analytics for the business.


The numbers?

An increase in website traffic and social media engagement.


Analytics: TBD



In the Client’s own words: ------ 

“         .”