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A little about us

Larayne Decoeur Holton 
Partner| Marketing Strategist

Lorae has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, copy writing/technical editing, marketing, illustration, photography and web design. Lorae is from Canada, eh, and has worked as art director and graphic designer for ad agencies and design studios in both Toronto and Vancouver.


Lorae brings her broadened perspective to her work having lived in an eclectic mix of cities and countries, from Holland, Belgium and France to Wichita KS. "I was never lost in translation for as a graphic designer visual grammar transcends all cultural barriers – white space is white space – no matter your native tongue."


Back in Seattle, she brings her creative perspective along with an international flare to the table, where people eat it up. 

Larayne’s career includes a wide perspective – writing, producing and supporting a variety of digital marketing efforts. She spent more than a decade creating television shows in Los Angeles where, behind the scenes, a whale once saved a pilot from a Mexican jail, a German dignitary had to smuggle film out of Cairo, and a week after Hurricane Katrina, Larayne documented the devastation and affected citizenry then drank warm beer on Bourbon Street with remaining locals. (More stories – wine strongly suggested.) Seattle seems tame comparatively, despite having worked on various marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and on strategy and campaigns with boutique agencies.


Her writing portfolio includes TV scripts, ads, web and print collateral. Oh, and the occasional “Dear Diary”, NDA required.

Lorae Halstten
Partner | Creative Strategist
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Why Hire US?

We create and refresh brands and websites for international, national, and local businesses, and public organizations. That means we have become very adept at deep research dives and applying the correct marketing strategy to each establishment’s particular brand needs – informed by the needs of their customers and clients.

Our marketing strategy, tailored to your individual business, inextricably links all your marketing creative and collateral together.

We are savvy at helping small businesses and orgs like yours exactly because we are a small business ourselves. We know what works because we’re in those trenches ourselves.

We are nimble – we are not brick and mortar. 

We are a hungry, will-do, get-er-done at any time, and at-will company. We’ll find the answers through research, hard work and networking to answer your most complex marketing questions. And we do it for the love of helping businesses get their successful marketing footing.

"I have had the great pleasure of working with the amazing team at Charmed Minds on more than one occasion. Lorae and Larayne are extremely professional, their creativity and attention to detail is extraordinary and their design and messaging capabilities are second to none. I would recommend them without hesitation."

— Michael Ervick, Executive Director, North Shore Business Alliance (NSBA)

Trust is earned. 

Here's how we build it with you.  

What kind of relationship can I build with Charmed Minds agency?

We usually don’t kiss and tell but if you must know, we’re used to building lasting relationships. We strategize for the long game. We’re authentic. We lean way in on every project – research, ideation, design, implementation, analytics. Then, depending on ever-changing conditions, we strategize a reset for added information, redirected company goals or customer segmentation swings. That takes a partnership. That takes trust. We’re good for it. We already like you! Are you in the market for a new relationship?

How do you use your skills to deliver a creative solution?

With great verve! We use everything at our disposal to give your company the best exposure to your potential customers. We have a great team. Including you. We collaborate. We use a 360º approach that can include a macro view (marketing plan), strategy (targeting, competitor research, channels and more), branding or branding refresh, design and content.

How does your agency tackle and manage issues?

We believe in transparency, authenticity and customer input. If either party hits a bump in the road, we stop the car and we all figure out how to get it moving again.

What values and ideals do you care about and how do they align with your clients’?

We and our customers – like say for instance, you – are two peas in a pod. Just like you, we believe in great service, customer satisfaction, attention to detail, remarkable work, getting the job done effectively and eloquently, and hitting our customers’ goals (and budget and schedule). Did we mention remarkable work?

What kind of results do you deliver – will you be effective for us?

Aw, a great question – saving the best for last. We deliver amazing results. Maybe that’s too self-promoting, but we’re not the only ones who believe that. We have happy clients! We do this by aligning your goals with our ideation, your information with our research, and your customers with the right messaging. Ergo, we will be effective for you.

​Go ahead. Let’s talk. Ask us for a coffee date! (We’ll even buy.) And, it’ll be magic.

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